The Cat C2 Series articulated dump truck range includes the 314-horsepower 725C2 and the 367-horsepower 730C2 and 730C2 EJ

The Cat C2 Series articulated dump truck range includes the 314-horsepower 725C2 and the 367-horsepower 730C2 and 730C2 EJ with ejector-type body. Rated payloads are 26.5 tons for the 725C2 and 31 tons for the two larger models. Standard automatic traction control ensures efficient operation of the new models, which advance the design of predecessor models with increased productivity, lower operating costs, and added rimpull/retarding capability, says Caterpillar.

Engines in all three models are available that meet or are equivalent to world emission standards. A diesel particulate filter and selective-catalytic-reduction system provide exhaust after-treatment for Tier 4-Final models.

The Cat 6F/1R power-shift transmission electronically modulates clutch engagement pressures and incorporates the Caterpillar Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) system. The APECS system, says the company, improves acceleration, maintains torque converter lock-up (and ground speed) during shifts, provides automatic speed holding, and modifies shift points to match operating conditions.

For controlling downhill speed, the 730C2 and 730C2 EJ employ an engine-compression brake that provides 60 percent more retarding force than previous models. The 725C2 uses a fluid retarder with four operating modes. Both systems are designed, says Caterpillar, to manage speed and minimize service brake application for extended brake life.

All three new C2 Series models feature full-time, six-wheel drive and are equipped with wet-disc clutch locks in the cross axle and inter-axle differentials. Automatic, on the go application of the locks is fully proportional, engaging only the required amount of lockup to maintain traction in adverse conditions—with no input from the operator. Also, new for the C2 range are all-axle wet brakes. The sealed system prevents the ingress of debris and extends brake life, says the company. The new trucks feature three-point, oil/nitrogen front suspension and walking-beam rear suspension.

The newly designed dump body, says Caterpillar, uses high-strength Brinell HB450 wear-resistant steel for added resistance to impact and abrasion and features a diverging- flow design that promotes clean dumping and minimizes material carry-back. The body top rail design reduces material spillage in the loading area, says the company, and a fully welded front bumper and full-width belly pan provide enhanced machine protection.

The two-person cab features a multi-adjustable air-suspension seat for the operator, a full size, forward facing seat for the trainer, tilting/telescopic steering wheel, and wrap-around dash. A multi-purpose color display provides operating information, as well as the feed from the rearview camera when activated.

To promote safe operation, says Caterpillar, the cab features integral ROPS/FOPS construction. An electro-hydraulic secondary steering system automatically activates in low-pressure situations. The parking brake is spring-applied, hydraulically released. External switches for fuel cut-off and electrical disconnect are accessible outside the machine.

An electric hood, which is raised and lowered via a switch in the cab, provides  access to routine service points, and the rear-of-cab mounting of the radiator  allows access for cleaning. The cab tilts for access to the transmission, drive shafts, and hydraulic components, and an electrical service center in the cab provides a power port, diagnostic connector, and Cat Data Link connector.

The optional Cat Production Measurement system calculates payload values using sensors located on the walking beam suspension and shows when target weight is reached, thus maximizing payloads and productivity, says Caterpillar, while reducing overloading that results in premature wear.



  • Engine: Cat C9.3 ACERT
  • Net power: 314 horsepower
  • Rated payload: 26.5 tons
  • Heaped capacity: 19.6 cubic yards
  • Total loaded weight: 103,707 pounds
  • Max. speed, fwd: 34 mph


  • Engine: Cat C13 ACERT
  • Net power: 367 horsepower
  • Rated payload: 31 tons
  • Heaped capacity: 22.1 cubic yards
  • Total loaded weight: 114, 034 pounds
  • Max. speed, fwd: 34 mph

730C2 EJ

  • Engine: Cat C13 ACERT
  • Net power: 367 horsepower
  • Rated payload: 31 tons
  • Heaped capacity: 22.1 cubic yards
  • Total loaded weight: 120, 186 pounds
  • Max. speed, fwd: 34 mph

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