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We provide a large inventory of Original Equipment Manufactured surplus parts. Our OEM surplus parts include Deere, Hitachi, Case, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo and more…

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Is the part you’re looking for no longer production? We can help, we supply rebuilt parts and can rebuild your construction part and have it back to you quickly.

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We have several yards across the United States and Canada that have the used equipment parts you are looking for. All used parts are backed by warranty.

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Aftermarket parts can be a great option for your equipment. All of our Aftermarket construction parts are made just as good, or better than the OEM parts.


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Tactopart is a global supplier of quality new parts for the complete line of Heavy Equipment, Construction, Agriculture, Miningand Industrial.  Tractopart not only  offers durable  parts  also and excellent service, incredible savings and the support you need to get your orders quickly and efficiently.

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About Us

In Tractopart we supply quality construction Parts and Heavy Equipment Parts with excellent discount rate for New , Used Rebuilt & Surplus parts for excavators, Wheel loader dozers, and undercarriage for all heavy equipment brands, we are locate in Miami, Fl

Contact Info


At Tractopart we focus on providing high quality parts at a great price. Our parts are subjected to rigorous inspection procedures that allow us to ensure product quality.

Phone: 786.219.1010
Main Office: 3505 South Ocean Drive #204
Hollywood, FL 33019